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About the Designer


The Garden Designer, Fintan Damer Bsc. Hort. (Hons), MGLDA 

The concept behind was the brain child of Fintan Damer Bsc. Hort.(Hons),MGLDA, who has found through his wealth of experience in the Horticultural industry and through his vast knowledge of landscape design and construction, that there has always been a unsatisfactory disconnect between what is inadvertently accepted as quality landscape construction, and what should be accepted through the use of and adherence to quality garden design principles.


With over 30 years of knowledge, experience and practical know-how and as a fully accredited member of The Garden & Landscape Designers Association, Fintan is positioned perfectly in order to understand that designing in an ad hoc manor i.e. making it up as you go along, will undoubtedly, in the vast majority of cases, lead to an unsatisfactory, dysfunctional  and aesthetically underwhelming finished garden.

Fintan’s belief is that failing to design a garden in a structured and professional manner is as nonsensical as closing the barn door after the horse has bolted or as Benjamin Franklin famously said “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Fintan’s aim is to specifically address what he see on a daily basis; poorly throughout and ill conceived gardens, most of which were build in the last 2-3 decades and to a large extent without any regard for the accepted principles of good quality garden design.

Well designed gardens also require professional experience Tradesmen and Horticulturalist to bring the designs to fruition and to this end Fintan is also very much dedicated to tracking down the best the industry can provide. Fintan also, on request, can provide inhouse assistance in the implementation of planting plans including the sourcing of planting material.  

Fintan has worked in virtually every avenue of the horticultural industry over the course of his 30 year career. From private estate management, to interior plantscaping, to floristry, to local authority park department supervision, to landscape contracting and of course to his current position  as a landscaping Designer.


You can look at his full credentials on Linkedin or alternately check out below for his full list of certified qualification in the field of Horticulture amongst others. He has also recently returned to academic study once again to attain a Masters Degree in Environmental Protection.

Informal water feature - pond and water
GLDA membership cert
Masters Degree
Post Graduate Diploma
(Hon) Degree ITB
Degree ITB,NBG
Diploma NBG

Diploma in Amenity Horticulture

Cert Askham Bryan
Cert CAD C&G
Cert NBG
Degree NBG
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