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We provide garden design services in an online remote capacity for those of you who wish to save on design costs. The online nature of this service means that there are no site visits involved and all correspondence and design work is through email, phone or video calls.  This type of service however does have restriction and is completely reliant on the client ability to forward as much detail and accurate measurements as possible, to be able to complete working drawings.


In additional there is a maximum total garden space size of 120m2 that can be designed remotely with an assurance that the plans will be implementable when it comes to the construction stage. A garden space beyond this size has generally too many variables to be able to design remotely.

If you have a larger garden but are still keen to have design work carried out remotely, we can still design portions of your garden (up to a max. of 120m2). How this designed space will fit in, in the context of the whole garden space, is difficult to envisage however. A good overall description of your garden and as many photos or videos as you can provide us, will help significantly in this regard.

To assist you if you wish to use our online design service, you can fill in our downloadable online design forms, provide us with photos, video and a sketch or sketches of your existing garden.

Online design doesn’t suit everyone but if you have a small garden space and a limited budget it might be the option for you. In addition, the online nature means that we can design your garden space at no additional site visit costs regardless of where you are located. 

Online design requires that you provide details, the current condition of your garden and accurate measurements of the space. You need to be proficient in taking dimensions and using metric measurement (metres and centimetres).


  We are completely reliant on you for that end of things and cannot take responsibility for any inaccuracies that may occur in the plans produced due of imprecise measurements being provided to us. That said if you feel you can manage it, it would have the upshot of saving you fees that you would incur for the surveying of a garden space and any resultant travel cost. It also means that you can avail of our design services no matter where you are located.

 If you choose an online design option, you will be email a form to be filled out which will detail the requirements necessary for us to design and produce your garden plan(s). This would include a design brief, a questionnaire, measurements and a number of photos and video of your garden from different aspects.

How Does It Work?

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