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Online Design

Online design requires that you provide accurate measurements of your gardens space. We cannot take responsibility for any inaccuracies in the plans produced due to imprecise measurements being provided to us. If you choose an online design option you will be emailed a form to fill out or alternate use our Client Quotation Portal to provide your specific garden characteristics. It will provide us with detailed requirements and information necessary for us to design and produce your garden plan(s) accurately.


What's Included In These Options

  • One fully scaled 2-dimensional base plan with the addition of a 3D visualization were this option is chosen.

  • A Planting plan will detail plant species, numbers required and precise locations. For a garden size of  up to 120sq.m, the total planted area will generally cover in the region of 20-25% of the total garden space.

  • A construction plan will feature specific constructional details including cross sectional plans were necessary and material requirements for each hard landscape element.

  • All drawings are produced and email to you as pdf’s.

  • Where necessary, a revision drawing will be produced taking note of any amendments necessary to bring the design to completion.

Online design is only possible for garden spaces up to 120 sq. m.

Base Plan €280*
2D base plan + 3D visualisation €400*                                             
Planting plan €260**          
Construction plan €280*
Complete online design package (4 design plans) €860*

 * refers to garden spaces up to a maximum of 120 sq. metres

** refers to planting spaces up to 25sq. metres of a 120sq. metre garden

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