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Garden Consultation

Consultancy can take many forms, you may be looking for options on how to approach the restoration of an existing garden, options for a redesign project, specific horticultural advice on existing planting or just down to earth practical advice on garden and landscape maintenance.

Where a written report is required, this will summarise the consultation period and may include precise recommendations on:

  • Proposals for possible design ideas and suggestions for garden styles.

  • Existing plant appraisal and what should be moved, reduced or removed.

  • Suggested additional planting types and specific plant species to suit conditions and enhance your garden.

  • Tips on soil care and how it can improve your plant health.

  • Lawn care and how to maintain a lush year-round sward.

  • Seasonal requirements for the up-keep of your garden and recommended timing for carrying out operations such as pruning, trimming, planting, plant division or tree surgery procedures.

  • Advice on composting of garden waste.

  • Possible propagation options using existing planting.

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 12.52.53.png
1.5 hr Consultation. €105.00
Clonsilla image 5.jpg
1.5 hrs Consultation + report. €150.00
Sandyford image 4.JPG
2.5 hrs Consultation. €150.00
Stamullen image 1.jpg
2.5 hrs consultation + report. €220.00
Half Day consultation. €220.00
Half Day consultation +  report. €340.00
Asahbourne image 1.jpg
Full Day consultation. €360.00
Full Day consultation + report. €540.00
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