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Full Design Packages

A full design package takes care of every element of the design process form Base plans to planting plans to construction plans and even 3-dimensional visualisation plans. The number of each can be tailored to your requirements and advice given on the most appropriate.


Cost can vary considerably depending the number of plans produced. Typically, larger gardens will require a series of planting plans, hard landscape, cross sectional and constructions plans. For this reason, we can only provide definitive prices for full design packages, for modest sized suburban gardens, where up to 4 drawing will typically be sufficient.  larger gardens can to quoted for upon request.    

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 16.15.49.png
Stamullen image 5.jpg
Garden space, up to 120 sq. metres. €1,200.00 
Garden space, up to 240sq. metres. €2,200.00
Sandyford image 2.JPG
Garden space, up to 360 sq. metres. €3,000.00
Garden space, up to 120 sq. metres. €1,200.00 

What's Included In These Options

  • A site visit for client consultation, receipt of client brief and carrying out of site survey work. This usually take 1-3 hrs depending on the site size. 

  • Two follow up site visits to present and interpret the drawings. The presented drawings will be 2-dimensional (or 3 dimensional for visualisation plans), fully scaled hard copy drawing at A2 or A3 size (larger scale available by requested at additional cost). In addition, digital pdf copies will be emailed, should you wish to produce additional copies.

  • Where necessary, a revision drawing will be produced for each of the four elemental drawings, taking note of any amendments necessary to bring the design process to completion.

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