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Stamullen Meath

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Project Description

An above average sized garden which has evidence of several attempts being made to create a usable space but with little success. Broadly ‘L’ shaped with a fall toward to house of aprox. 50cm. There was an existing small patio on the shaded north facing side of the garden. Other wise the space was largely lawn with minimal planting and 3 mature trees along the rear boundary wall.

Client Brief

The client requested that a large patio area be incorporated into the design, a space retained for a new shed and a utility area for a washing line, if possible to be positioned out of sight. They were open to the idea of extensive planting areas with a lawn becoming a minor component of the overall garden plan. They requested that some of the planting areas be mulched with pebble to reduce maintenance requirements.

Design Solution

The garden naturally lent itself to be split into 2 clear levels, with a 50 cm fall from the back wall to the house.  This was to be created with a serpentine block wall with a rendered finish and capped with Indian yellow limestone. Clad limestone steps would provide access to the upper tier, landing on a large circular Indian yellow limestone patio with ample room as an outdoor entertainment space. The pre existing mature trees would be pruned appropriately so as not to overshadow the patio areas and open up the area directly below them to dappled shade. The existing concrete path surrounded to house would be replaced with Indian limestone and a link path to the patio area, cutting through a small lawn adjacent to the house, would be provided. The ‘L’ shape of the garden allowed for a utility area and shed area to be allocated space at the side of the main house, largely out of direct view. This area would also be entirely mulched with brown shingle to reduce maintenance requirements. Planting would be concentrated in the upper tier area, surrounding the patio and also in the shaded north  facing side of the garden were a lawn might struggle to persist. Some planting would also be incorporated into the pebble area.


"We are so happy with our new garden, design and executed by Fintan. Fintan was a true professional throughout and really easy to work with. Thank you for our lovely garden Fintan" 

Sonya & Stuart, Stamullen


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