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Sandyford Dublin

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Sandyford Plan

Project Description

This garden was essentially a blank canvas with just the original builder installed poor lawn and no planting. There was an existing fall away from the house toward the back wall. There was pooling of water in the lawn area after heavy or consistent rainfall even during the growing season.

Client Brief

Of primary concern for the client, was to eliminate the fall in the garden and to replace the existing concrete path surrounding the house with natural stone paving. The client also specified a reasonable size patio area in the sunniest part of the garden. They also wished to retain a lawn area. They were happy to leave planting choices up to the designer other than requesting an emphasis on flowering plants. An access path to the shed was also requested.

Design Solution

A semi-circular patio using Indian yellow limestone was to be positioned in the south facing corner of the garden with planting to the rear, taking full advantage of the sun. The level of the garden was to be risen by 150mm along the back wall which would essentially eliminate the slope in the garden  while also address drainage issues. Along the rear house wall and out to the side passage, the existing concrete apron was to be replace with Indian limestone paving and extended to provide access to the shed. The plain block wall to the rear of the garden was to be rendered and a planting border place in front of it.


"Thanks for your work, the garden looks great, and we are really happy with
it! It’s even better than expected, also thanks for your flexibility to
accommodate the on-top work!"

Reinhard, Sandyford

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