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Balinteer Dublin

Balinteer -construction
Balinteer -after 3
Balinteer - after 4
Balinteer - before 2
Balinteer -after 2
Balinteer - after 1
Balinteer- after 5

Project Description

This project was unusual in terms of the garden profile which was broadly ‘L’ shaped and that it was on an incline. The project commenced towards the end of a house renovation job. The rear of the house had a large glass panel wall which provided a challenge as the garden would be on show in a very pictorial manner. The pre-existing garden had not been managed for some year and a solution had to be found to deal with the height differences from the house floor level to the upper most height of the garden.

Client Brief

The client expressed a desire for a large outdoor entertainment area, a lawn area for their growing family, attractive boundary screening a little different than the normal to create an intimate private space and a significant water feature to benefit from in both visual way and from the sound of falling water.  Garden lighting was also to be incorporated.

Design Solution

The most problematic element in the garden was dealing with the significant level differences. Splitting the garden into two clear levels not only resolved this issue but provided for two of the main essentials in the client brief; a large entertainment area and a lawn area for the children. Railway sleeper were used to provide the split levels and the differential in height created a natural fall for the construction of a waterfall and splash pool.  A large paved area using Indian sandstone provided the entertainment area. Broad steps also constructed using sandstone help to link the lower and upper levels of the garden.   Garden lighting was provided in the boundary borders, step area and in the splash pool creating added interest in the evening, beneficial from both being in the garden and from view from the house. Mature bamboos and willow fence panels provided for the privacy requirement.  

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