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Bayside Dublin 

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.40.14
Bayside - construction 2
Bayside - construction 1
Bayside - construction 3
Bayside - after 10
Bayside - after 11
Bayside - after 9
Bayside - after 8
Bayside - after 7
Bayside - after 3
Bayside - after 2
Bayside - after 5
Bayside - after 6
Bayside - after 4
Bayside - after 1

Project Description

This project consisted of one of the smaller garden space we are ordinarily asked to work on which present its own unique challenges. It consisted of 2 mature garden trees suitable enough to be retained, a lawn with a concrete path down the middle leading to garden gate.  The garden was unusual in that it was wider than it was long. It received direct sun almost the entire day but the existing trees could provide dappled shade if required.

Client Brief

The client had recently retired back to Ireland and were keen to provide themselves with an outdoor living space with an enclosed courtyard feel. They had previously lived in an apartment so a small enclosed space was an ideal progression to provide them with some outside private space. They did not see a lawn in such a small space as of any value and primarily they required a patio area to site out in in the mornings and evenings.    

Design Solution

An informal semi-circular yellow limestone patio formed the dominant feature in the garden with all the other elements around It, positioned to compliment it, resulting in a garden almost entirely consisting of curves and arcs with the only formal feature being two small planting borders built into the patio against a boundary wall and against the house wall. This along with two primary raised planting borders had the effect of enclosing almost the entire paved area. Trellis and climber on the walls and the retention of the two pre-existing trees would complete the enclosed court yard feel and raised borders constructed with quartz walling added an extra dimension to this compact yet visually interesting garden.

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