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Dundrum Dublin

Dundrum - before 2
Dundrum - construction 2
Dundrum - after 1
Dundrum - after 3
Dundrum - before 1
Dundrum - After 4
Dundrum - after 2

Project Description

This garden was located on a very significant incline with somewhere in the region of 1.5 metre height difference lowest to highest, in what would be considered a modest garden size. The client had already deciphered that dealing with this element was to be a defining feature in the overall design.

Client Brief

The client had a taste for the unusual and gave a concise brief of their requirements. The garden was to have an overall ‘black & white theme. There was to be a significantly enlarge patio area and an imaginative solution to the garden incline.  In build seating was to be a major feature of the garden. Bamboo fencing was to be used to provide tall boundary privacy and to avoid the solid imposing look a tall panel fence would have provided. Planting was to be kept simple by using larger numbers of fewer plant species. A solution had to be found to hide a very visual oil tank.

Design Solution

Dealing with the garden incline required that significant soil work had to be carried out to define two areas roughly similar in size and bring about the creation of split levels. The need for a block retaining wall and an inbuilt seating area was the inspiration for the curved seat, also providing for the split-level prerequisite.    The seat area was cladded with pine laths to soften the look and rendering on the block was designed to mimic old style rough render that might be seen on thatch cottages.  The enlarge black limestone paved area coupled with the white painted rough rendered wall fulfilled the requirement for a ‘black & white’ themed garden.    Access to the upper level of the garden was provided by two flights of steps which were linked with a circulation path around the garden and provided access to two garden sheds.  A timber pergola was constructed in front of the oil tank with the circulation path passing through it. In time, it was hoped that the climbing plants on the pergola would provide almost complete screening of the oil tank and an attractive walk through feature. Bamboo screening, 2.5 metres in height provided for the privacy requirement without being overbearing due to the height.   

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