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Ranelagh Dublin

Plan 1/2
Plan 2/2
Ranaleigh - Before
Ranaleigh - during
Ranaleigh - after (2)_edited
Ranaleigh - after

Project Description

The garden comprised of a typical small city garden of an early 20th century brick terrace development.  It was boxed in a densely residential area and over looked directly by all the surrounding properties. Despite these restrictions the available budget was flexible enough to alleviate or eliminate most of these restrictive limitations.

Client Brief

The client was keen to pack in as much interest despite the scale of the garden space. Must have’s included a patio area, garden lighting, a brick barbeque, an illuminated water feature, a small lawn area and a serious attempt at creating as much privacy as possible without reducing the size appearance of the garden space. The garden had two garden sheds which were to be removed and replace with one smaller storage shed.

Design Solution

A primary concern was to increase the privacy of the garden space. This was achieved by using heavy framed diagonal trellis panels erected one metre above the height of the existing boundary walls. In addition, Italian cypress specimens were included in the planting scheme which would ultimately increase the scene of concealment from the surrounding properties. Climbers would also form part of the planting scheme, trained onto the boundary trellis work. Light was incorporated into the sandstone patio and an eliminated granite water feature would form a distinct focal point both from within the garden and when viewing from the house. Planting was to be largely formal and include box hedging to reflect the Italianate style.

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