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The True Value in Re-Designing & Landscaping Your Garden

One of the biggest benefits of having your garden professionally designed and built is that not only will it enhance the aesthetic of your property, but it will also appreciate the value of it too. This increase is exponential too, that is to say as the garden matures it increases in value, in many cases outstripping the incremental increase in the value increase of your property. There are very few examples where this is the case following the outlay of a sizable capital investment. In fact, in most cases as soon as a purchase is made an item gradually decreases in value, eventually to zero.

The opposite is the case with a well designed, constructed and maintained garden. In fact, the value to a property that has had extensive garden modifications carried out, invariably, far exceeds the re design and build cost over time.

Take a look at the link below, which is a research article from the Virginia State University, detailing the perceived value of having your garden landscaped.

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